5 unusual applications of John Guest fittings & pipes

Ferrari using John Guest Push-fit fittings

The John Guest Speedfit Technology in our fittings and pipes are known throughout the plumbing industry for delivering reliable, leak-proof connections. However, did you know that our technology is used in some really unusual areas?

From high-performance Ferrari car models to the jungle in Indonesia and even in some Marvel movies, you can find John Guest fittings and pipes used in many varying applications.

Check out our top 5 weird and wonderful projects below!

1. Push-fit Fittings Are Featured in Ferrari’s High-Pressure Power Steering System

Our push-fit connectors are typically used by plumbers for speedy, leak-proof connections, but did you know it’s also being used in the Ferrari 458 and California models?

The original fittings range was originally adapted and designed in the mid-90s for Fiat Group, but it has now found its way into Ferrari’s high-pressure power steering system. Able to withstand high pressures of up to 120 bar, it was enough to entice Ferrari to put it into their speedy cars, particularly due to its high reliability!

By integrating our push-fit connectors into their vehicles, Ferrari was able to benefit from the same qualities that have made them a favourite among plumbers: speed, ease of installation, and leak-proof connections. These connectors offer a seamless and secure solution, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind, whether on the racetrack or the open road.

Food misting in supermarket image

2. Keeping Cool with Spanish Supermarkets

Ever wondered how fresh fruit, meat, fish and vegetables stay fresh for so long in Spain, amidst their sweltering summer temperatures?

It’s all thanks to the misting system designed and developed by RAMARPUL that uses our push-fit connectors. The system helps hydrate the food through micro water droplets, which are created by the misters, thanks to a thin layer of moisture which is evenly distributed over the food. These connectors ensure a secure and leak-free connection, allowing the misting system to operate at its full potential. With the push-fit connectors seamlessly integrated into the system, the misters can consistently deliver micro water droplets to hydrate the food and maintain its freshness, even in the most demanding conditions.

The impact of RAMARPUL's misting system goes beyond just preserving the quality of perishable food items. It also contributes to reducing food waste by extending the shelf life of produce and minimising spoilage. This not only benefits businesses in the food industry but also promotes sustainability by preventing unnecessary waste. The system also reduces ice consumption which can be costly and inconvenient.

So next time you savour the freshness of a juicy watermelon or indulge in a platter of delectable seafood in Spain, take a moment to appreciate the technology behind it. Thanks to RAMARPUL's innovative misting system, supported by our push-fit connectors, these culinary delights can be enjoyed at their best, ensuring that the flavours and nutrients are preserved much to the delight of customers.

Image of push-fit pipe technology used in Jungle

3. John Guest in the Jungles of Indonesia

Our JG Speefit Technology is often found in weird and wonderful places, normally in urban environments. Now though, we’re going wild in the Jungles of the Pacific, teaming up with LightWell.

LightWell is a project that aims to provide safe water systems to marginalised remote communities. The LightWell initiative is a vision from David Hobday, Managing Director of Cable Ways, who found there was a real need for water and light in the jungles of Indonesia.

LightWell units are standalone self-contained water purification and lighting systems. Simple to install and integrate, no matter the size or remoteness, all thanks to our push-fit solutions. By providing reliable and efficient water purification and lighting systems, these units are not only addressing immediate needs but also contributing to long-term sustainability and improved quality of life for these marginalised communities.

We are honoured to be part of this project and remain committed to using our expertise to create solutions that make a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Image of John Guest Union Tee in Deadpool

4. Cameo Appearance in Marvel’s Deadpool

Deadpool is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2016. Featuring Ryan Reynolds as the main antihero of the same name, it was funny and a huge breakaway from the conventional superhero films.

Although John Guest’s Speedfit Technology wasn’t used in an actual application, our beady eyes did spot our inch acetal union tee came on during a scene where Ryan Reynold’s character Wade Wilson was undergoing his superhero transformation!

While it may seem like a light-hearted and amusing detail, this unexpected inclusion speaks to the widespread recognition and impact of our Speedfit Technology. Even in the fantastical world of superheroes, our push-fit fittings manage to find their way, showcasing their versatility and universal appeal.

Just as Deadpool pushed boundaries and defied conventions in the superhero genre, we too push the limits of what is possible in the plumbing industry. Our JG Speedfit Technology, although not designed for superhero transformations, continues to be the go-to choice for plumbers and installers seeking speedy, reliable, and leak-proof connections.

So, the next time you watch Deadpool, keep an eye out for our inch acetal union tee and enjoy the knowing nod to the world of plumbing and the unexpected places our products can find themselves.

Image of John Guest pipes being used in paint mixing machine

5. John Guest Mixes It with Paint Innovation

Many plumbers out there will know that the JG Speedfit range fits plastic and copper pipes together with its innovative push-fit connections. But did you know that our pipes can carry much more than just water?

One of the recent innovations that John Guest’s fittings and tubes have been part of are the paint mixing machines used across Italy’s DIY Stores in The Mini Mixer.

Developed by Alfa Colorpaint Dispenser, the Mini Mixer is a high-speed cycloid mixer that is used by retailers to mix colour samples at the point of sale and in laboratories.

With our push-fit technology at the heart of The Mini Mixer, retailers and professionals in the paint industry can provide customers with customised paint colours quickly and effortlessly. The convenience and speed of this innovative solution enhance the overall customer experience and enable precise colour matching for various projects, from home renovations to professional painting endeavours.

At John Guest, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and delivering solutions that go beyond traditional plumbing applications. Our collaboration with Alfa Colorpaint Dispenser demonstrates the adaptability of our products and their ability to contribute to advancements in various industries.

So There You Have It

In the world of plumbing and fittings, there's always room for innovation and unexpected applications. Our blog post has taken you on a journey through some of the strange and surprising uses that customers have found for JG Speedfit fittings. From the jungles of the Pacific to the fast-paced world of film, our products have made their mark in unique and unconventional ways.

At John Guest, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality fittings that not only meet the needs of plumbers but also open doors to new possibilities. We're committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers, constantly seeking ways to improve and expand the functionality of our products.

As we celebrate the strange and wonderful uses of JG Speedfit fittings, we invite you to embrace your own creativity and think outside the box. Who knows what extraordinary applications you may discover for our fittings?

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