Why plastic continues to push boundaries in modern kitchen installations

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Today’s kitchen includes a vast number of appliances with homeowners trying to fit a growing number of products into this space.

Integrated and more sophisticated kitchen appliances are all the rage, with modern kitchen sinks connecting to American-style fridge freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and much more. This presents a number of challenges for installers, who need to carry out work in a safe and timely manner, and to a high standard in limited space available.

As kitchen installations become increasingly difficult, many installers are turning to plastic push-fit components for a professional and simple installation. Here’s why:

Installing with Plastic is Safer

Modern kitchen designs often incorporate a lot of wooden furniture, including worktops and cupboards. Using copper pipes and having to solder them to connect fixtures increases the risk of fire and should be avoided at all costs. Plastic push-fits allow for pipework to be assembled without a blowtorch, which is a real advantage for safety-conscious installers.

plastic push-fits assembly

The Perfect Push-Fit Touch

When working within space restraints, it can be difficult to always achieve a water-tight connection, particularly when you can’t see behind the kitchen sink where two pipes need to come together. With push-fit fittings, installers benefit from the ability to work by touch alone.

Often when connecting a kitchen tap, it is relatively easy to access the service valve, but the final connection that goes into the tap itself will be done blind.

In such instances, installers need fittings that allow them to work quickly and confidently using touch alone, such as our push-fit flexi hoses, which are available in more than 50 different patterns.

push fit plumbing with man under sink

Ability to Adapt Modern Kitchen Designs

Although pipework in kitchens is usually based on the initial design plan, there are times when this will be subject to last minute changes. Therefore, plumbers need to work with components that allow them to be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the project.

Push-fit fittings can be de-mounted in no time without the use of tools, and by using flexible pipes and push-fit fittings including Layflatappliance taps, and valves, existing pipework can easily be moved and re-installed with little additional work.

angle stop values

Doubling up with Kitchen Installation

Not only are plastic push-fit components more versatile and faster to install than alternative options, but they often perform multiple jobs, thus reducing the number of individual components required for a kitchen project.

Take Speedfit’s two-in-one appliance valves and taps as an example. These allow for water isolation by turning the handwheel and can be connected to appliances from one end and the main water supply from the other. When making individual connections underneath the kitchen sink, this single product saves plumbers from having to install a standard single-purpose service valve for isolation and bending pipework to make connections to each appliance.

Our double check service valve is just as functional. For many years plumbers have used one-way valves to prevent water from siphoning along pipework, and service valves to control water flow. While effective, this method involves installing two items side-by-side, with twice as many products to purchase and install in a small space.

The double check valve consolidates these two fittings into one, limiting the water to only being able to flow in one direction while allowing the outlet to be isolated via the built-in isolation valve.

Kitchen Installation Products at Speedfit

When it comes to second-fix kitchen projects, space restraints and the need for flexibility means that installers are looking for more versatile and effective plumbing solutions.

Just as they do for first-fix projects, plastic push-fit fittings and pipework can make projects simpler, faster, and easier for plumbers, so you really can complete jobs cooking on gas.

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