Simplifying installations for new plumbers

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With evolving construction practices and reducing house sizes, plumbing projects are becoming more challenging than ever. Despite the increasing complexity, every customer expects the job to be completed fast and obviously to the best standard, and all this can build up a lot of work pressure especially if you are a newbie in the trade. At RWC, our aim is to make installers’ lives easier and in this blog we break down our range of push-fit fittingspipes and water control valves that help simplify everyday challenges in installations for new plumbers.

Completing plumbing installations with speed and ease

Over the years plumbing systems have become more complex and demanding, with customers wanting the pipework to be hidden from sight due to growing focus on aesthetics, and reducing floor sizes shrinking down installation space. All these factors increase the need for flexible plumbing products that can make installations for new plumbers easier and quicker.

To combat these challenges we have developed an extensive range of plastic and metal push-fit solutions that play a key role in simplifying installations. Our market-leading brands – JG Speedfit and SharkBite – use extremely reliable push-fit technology to help complete all-round plumbing installations from the boiler to the point of use. This means any job can be completed with speed and ease without using hazardous and time-consuming solders, flux and glue.

Both our brands complement each other to provide a versatile, durable and leakproof system for new-build, retrofit or repair and maintenance jobs. With most building sites either restricting hot works or requiring a hot works permit – which can cause project delays, our push-fit solutions are the way to go.

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Offering safe and sustainable water control

No plumbing job is complete without ensuring safe, reliable, and sustainable water flow and temperature around the building. And, with a growing focus on regulations around the usage of hot water systems, it is essential that installers fit the necessary control valves to protect homeowners.

This is where our Reliance Valves brand comes to the rescue with its extensive range of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs), Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and space-saving combination valves that are designed to make installations easier in tight and confined areas. A great example of this is our Easifit TMV, which is the lightest and most compact TMV in the market, making those complex installations for new plumbers much faster and easier.

We also specialise in combination valves that can perform 2 or more functions in one unit, removing the need to install multiple valves next to each other. Aimed at eliminating the complexity around installation and maintenance of water control valves, Reliance Valves offers intelligent solutions that protect and safeguard hot and cold-water systems, while creating safe and comfortable homes and workspaces.

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A helping hand by your side

At RWC, making lives easier is at our core – and this flows through the technology we develop to improve and simplify installations for plumbing professionals. Alongside that, we have a strong team of field technical engineers that are at hand to offer on-site technical training, expert guidance and market-leading solutions to help young plumbers solve installation challenges on site.

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