What are the most unusual applications of John Guest’s Push-Fit Technology?

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Wherever you go around the world, you will find pipes. What is becoming more common however, is the use of push-fit plastic pipes and tube connections. From New Zealand to Poland and even to the beating heart of the British canal network, John Guest’s push-fit technology is everywhere.

We explore some of our most unusual applications of John Guest’s push-fit technology projects below!

1. More than just the exhaust pipe

Every time you turn on a brand new BMW-M car, you’ll find a John Guest Half Cartridge is helping it work. If you take a look at the incredibly tight space of an Intake-Charge-Cooling-Reservoir, you’ll find us right there.

The John Guest 8mm and 10mm Half Cartridge is in demand because it ensures a safe connection and optimal performance with a minimal footprint. HEYCO-WERK SÜD, manufacturers of this specific reservoir, have been using John Guest solutions since 2011.

In order to integrate more complex systems into cars, the company needed to ensure the overall dimensions of the design of the car isn’t impacted. John Guest applications worked perfectly here, as they were able to maximise space without compromising quality.

2. No need for endless hosing with this

Does this sound like the future of agriculture? We think it is and John Guest is helping lead the way!

An innovative American company, Torpedopot, has incorporated JG fittings into their self-watering planters, citing John Guest as integral to their company’s success. With just one turn of a knob, users can grow thousands of plants without the need for any tools – and in areas as small as 2sq ft. It can allow garden grids to house 3.5 million plants in an area the size of an American football pitch!

Torpedopot state that their ingenuity is based upon a wide array of John Guest fittings; from tube cutters to bulkheads, our products are visible throughout. The functionality of JG fittings alongside the wide range of configurations make for an easy transition from small to large systems, allowing for real scalability. Imagine how useful this would be in a natural disaster? A fantastic technological advance!

3. Land Ahoy!

Polish manufacturer of composite products, COBO NAUTIC, have found a unique way to use our popular 15mm ‘Layflat’ pipe. They usually manufacture shower trays and enclosures (GRP Pods) for yachts and other marine applications.

Having conquered the sea, they’re now turning to land with a range of modular ‘cabin’ bathrooms. These can be temporarily integrated within buildings and quickly removed after use.

Just as at sea, everything on land needs to be well-designed, reliable and easy to fit and fix. By turning to John Guest, they decided to include every installation with the 15mm ‘Layflat’ pipe.

Proving to be a winning idea, COBO NAUTIC has had orders for over 500 bathrooms already. The wind is clearly blowing in the right direction!

4. Getting dishy with JG

New Zealand dishwasher manufacturer, Washtech, has grown to become the no.1 commercial dishwashing brand in Australasia. This is in part due to the reliability, ease-of-use and sustainable supply of John Guest products.

Not only are our products used during manufacturing and repair, but crucially they are centre stage during cutting-edge technological product innovations. For example, JG fittings feature in the integrated heat recovery units, found in their new range of pass through dishwashers, pot-washers and rack conveyors.

Our 3/8 PI range fittings and 3/8 LLDPE tubes have been facilitating the creation of integral and reliable links in the inlet water process. Compared with conventional counterparts, they have helped reduced energy consumption in these products.

5. A quacking success!

Tinker the Duck is a bit of celebrity at the John Guest base in the UK. She was rescued by Jean Pritchard from our Cleaning Department, who lives on the Grand Union Canal and regularly rescues injured ducks.

Then a 3-day-old duckling, Tinker was in need of help and was quite injured. Jean nursed her back to health and even after being released back, she kept returning to the narrowboat.

Jean requested the JG Automation team to develop something that could improve Tinker’s quality of life. The result is a bespoke frame, designed to hold a hammock, where Tinker can rest comfortably. The frame has made such a difference to her life as she is much happier and more verbal. What a lovely story!

It is clear that John Guest’s push-fit technology not only makes installers lives easier by allowing for quick and reliable pipe connections, but it is also integral to many other industries and projects. Watch this space to learn more about the unusual applications of JG’s push-fit technology.

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