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JG Aura is a flexible and energy efficient heating control solution designed for the remote regulation of underfloor heating, central heating and radiators. The JG Aura system provides you with capability of controlling multiple zones, enabling heating time and temperature to be set within each individual room. This results in considerable energy savings, as rooms are only heated when they are in use and to the desired level of warmth.

Intuitive and straightforward to use, JG Aura has different settings for weekends and seasons. Heating can be programmed to suit any lifestyle, which means homeowners no longer need to constantly change settings or put up with rooms that are too hot or cold.

JG Aura at a glance


Say hello to greater control


At the heart of our range is our unique 4-in-1 digital thermostat that can operate in four modes, giving you greater control than ever before.

Programmable Room Thermostat

Time and temperature can be individually controlled for each room/zone

Group Control Thermostat

Controls a mixture of digital and dial (230v) thermostats, up to a maximum of 8 and an additional Hot Water Timer

Group Thermostat

Part of a group of thermostats controlled by the Group Control Thermostat

Hot Water Timer

Controls the timing of the hot water supply and can be connected to the wiring centre or directly to the hot water thermostat


More choice. More style


Add a touch of style to the way heating is regulated with our sleek and slender thermostats. Available in black or white, our contemporary heating controls will complement the look of any room. Whether you are looking for wired, wireless or networked controls, we have a range of systems to suit your needs. Both systems benefit from all the features of our 4-in-1 thermostat.

Wired system

Digital and dial thermostats

JG Aura 230v system consist of touch sensitive 4-in1 controls as well as easy to use Dial Thermostats. These can be used as individual thermostats or combined into groups for convenience. To enable the Group Control functionality a 0.5mm 2 core data cable is required.